Medical City Lewisville June 04, 2014

Medical City Lewisville recently celebrated their 100th open heart surgery procedure since expanding Cardiovascular Services in 2012. This higher level of care means that local residents no longer need to travel far from home to receive quality, comprehensive cardiovascular services.

“The hospital has been performing diagnostic catheterizations since 2005, but the desire to expand cardiovascular services began in earnest several years ago,” said Van McKnight, AVP of Cardio-Respiratory Services. In 2011, strategic plans were made in all departments to provide a baseline foundation to support the heart program and all of the new intricacies that would be brought to Medical City Lewisville. Supported by the administrative team, new physicians including cardiovascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists and cardiac anesthesiologists came on board with the sole intention of starting a new cardiovascular service line that would be second to none.

The hospital remodeled operating rooms to be able to accommodate cardiac surgeries and the nursing staff achieved new levels of excellence through extensive training at other facilities that have high volume coronary bypass surgery programs. The expanded program is part of the hospital’s larger strategic plan, which includes recent Stroke accreditation, Level IV trauma designation, and a new 24-bed emergency department to be opened in 2015.

“With the addition of new and aggressive cardiologists and a top quality, experienced staff in the cardiac catheterization lab, we were able to develop an active STEMI program,” said Dr. Shirley Williams, Medical Director of Diagnostic Cardiology, Cardiac Rehab and Quality Services. The first open heart surgery was performed in August 2012 and the hospital recently performed their 100th heart surgery. “In addition, we now perform valve replacements, valve repairs and MAZE procedures as well as off pump coronary bypass surgery.”

Since the program’s inception, patient and physician satisfaction scores in the Intensive Care Unit and Progressive Care Unit have soared. To provide a more tailored experience for patients requiring an intermediate level of cardiac care, the hospital recently opened a new Cardiovascular Care Unit – CVCU. Patients experiencing irregular heart rhythms requiring high-level medication intervention receive care in the CVCU, as well as patients who have received cardiac stents or vascular intervention. Open heart surgical patients receive a customized transitional level of care in the CVCU when intensive care is no longer needed, providing high quality, comfortable respite until returning home.

“We are here to serve the needs of the Lewisville community and I am very proud to have played an active role in the development of our cardiovascular program,” said Dr. Williams. “It is through teamwork and a new cooperative spirit that we have been successful.”