Medical City Lewisville August 14, 2014

Local Hospital Receives Level IV Trauma Designation

The Texas Department of State Health Services has awarded Level IV Trauma Center Designation to Medical City Lewisville. A Level IV Trauma Center has the staff and resources necessary to care for patients quickly and appropriately. To qualify for this designation, Medical City Lewisville first dedicated the resources to creating and operating as a trauma center for a period of one year and recently underwent a rigorous two-day review process to ensure standards for trauma care were in place.

A trauma patient is defined as any patient with an injury related diagnosis. They can also be a medical patient who sustained an injury. Major trauma refers to serious multi-system injuries that require immediate intervention to prevent disability or death. Minor trauma refers to a single system injury that does not pose a threat to life or limb and can be appropriately treated at a basic emergency facility.

“Trauma services must be delivered rapidly and efficiently by people who know how to care for injuries,” said Carl Menckhoff, MD, medical director of emergency and trauma services. “It’s best to receive care as soon as possible after an injury or accident. That’s why having a designated trauma center in Southern Denton County is a benefit to the community. We’ve gone through what it takes to be able to provide timely, appropriate care that will save lives.”

The Texas Department of State Health Services designates four levels of trauma centers. Trauma levels do not indicate a ranking of medical care, but a ranking of resource depth. All trauma centers/levels are held to the same commitment to quality care regardless of the resources. Level I trauma centers are the highest designation and are generally university based and research oriented. Level II trauma centers are not research oriented and may have fewer services in comparison to Level I. Level III trauma centers provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, stabilization, and transfer as needed. Level IV trauma centers are committed to the stabilization and transfer (if needed) of the trauma patient.

As a Level IV Trauma Center, Medical City Lewisville is an active participant in the regional EMS/Trauma System and has established relationships with the tertiary trauma centers in the trauma service area. The trauma center has an established relationship with EMS providers to facilitate adequate pre-arrival notification, appropriate documentation, and appropriate pre-hospital care and is available to treat all major and severe trauma patients 24 hours per day/seven days per week. The severe or major trauma patient will be met on arrival in the Emergency Department by a team of health care professionals. All team members have documented ongoing education and skill in the assessment and care of injuries. The severe or major trauma patient will be rapidly assessed, resuscitated, and stabilized according to Advanced Trauma Life Support and Trauma Nursing Core Course standards and established trauma care standards and protocols within the hospital.