Surgical Services at Medical City Lewisville

Surgical ServicesSurgical Services encompasses all aspects of interventions for the diagnosis and treatment of many ailments. Using the latest technology, Medical City Lewisville offers a variety of minimally invasive procedures, allowing patients to return to their active lifestyles quickly. Surgical Services also offers the latest techniques in surgical intervention for total joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures in conjunction with Medical City Lewisville’s Human Motion Institute.

The da Vinci® SI Surgical System allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery through an incision roughly the size of a dime. The system seamlessly translates the surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements into precise, real-time movements of surgical instruments inside the patient. The da Vinci offers patients less risk of infection, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery and less scarring than traditional surgery. It’s just one way we’re providing tomorrow’s technology ... today.

Highly Qualified Staff

When an inpatient stay is necessary post-surgery, surgical patients are cared for by our medical/surgical team. The medical/surgical unit is staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced nurses who cater to the unique needs of our patients. These nurses, and all other surgical staff members, are customer focused. Their goal is to make each patient’s stay in the medical/surgical unit as comfortable and safe as possible. Each surgical patient is educated with thorough post-op instructions to provide confidence in caring for the surgical site and an activity level appropriate for their individual needs.

Procedures & Services